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Page 2 of 3. July 10, API 2H Grade 50 Steel Plate. Element. Al tot. N. V. Heat Anal. – (c). (d). Prod. Anal. (b) Min. values, if any, shall be agreed and stated on order. (c) Nitrogen shall not be intentionally added. (d) Vanadium shall not be intentionally added without specific approval of.

Since JFE Steel has been researching and developing. JFE-HITEN steel plates which have good weldability and high tensile strength up to N/mm2 class. These products are widely used in many engineering fields of offshore structures. 2. 3. YP class. API. EN. NORSOK. M Ship classification. JFE Standard.

Publications Programs and Services. Table of Contents. Exploration and Production. 1. – General: Oil Field Equipment and Materials. 1. – Offshore Structures. 2. – Derricks and Masts. 7. – Tubular Goods. 7. – Valves and Wellhead Equipment. – Drilling Equipment. – Hoisting Tools. – Wire Rope.

RP T RP T RP T RP T SPEC Q1. SPEC Q2. RP Planning and Conducting Surface Preparation and. Coating Operations for Oil and Natural Gas Drilling and Production Facilities in a Marine Environment. Orientation Programs for Personnel Going Offshore for the First Time. Recommended Practice for.

Technical rule. API RP 2Z Title (English) Recommended Practice for Preproduction Qualification for Steel Plates for Offshore Structures. Product imageAPI RP 2Z. Download *, Shipment, Subscription **. Language: English. EUR. EUR. *. Document with DRM – More on DRM. **. Learn more about.

Grade C, ABS DH/EH 36, ASTM A Class 1 and MIL-S Rev C in thicknesses to 2” [ mm]. Applications: API 2H Grade 50 is intended primarily for use in offshore structures in critical portions that must exhibit good impact toughness and resistance to plastic fatigue loading and lamellar tearing.

Page 2 Generally, API standards are reviewed and revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn at least every five years. Sometimes a one-time extension of up to two years will be added to this review ate notification and participation in the developmental process and is designated as an API standard. Questions concerning the.

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